President’s Letter

Dear Friends,
As an entrepreneur, I am constantly seeking to innovate. This innovation may be manufacturing equipment that will increase quality production, new materials to advance our product line or expert advice to apply to our core business. Regardless of the reason, I always strive to be innovative which in turn makes TYR Tactical® better. A question raised by a friend allowed me to reflect on my beliefs and mantra which has always been to allow one’s passion to be one’s guide.

By always being willing to be on the search for personal improvement, no matter if it’s for me to improve as a father, husband, employer or designer, the key is to always actively search for progressAdditionally, by remembering one’s responsibilities to others and holding those responsibilities accountable enhances that core passion. And most importantly, a strong sense of servitude towards God, one’s family and employees will ultimately fulfill you even greater than any dollar earned.

Each product that is designed here at TYR Tactical® is developed with the mantra, Innovate or Die®, and you in mind. My passion for your safety has enhanced our design and manufacturing philosophy by creating streamline products that are more ergonomic and dynamic, as well as, significantly lighter. Our products are developed with direct input from some of the most elite warriors in the world. Direct feedback from operators about mission specific load requirements and mobility allow TYR Tactical® to increase overall comfort, movement and performance.  Special Operations training and a physiological approach are incorporated into each design. Our rigorous testing process allows us to continually evolve and provide products for today’s needs and threats keeping us in the forefront
of the industry.

TYR Tactical® products push the standards of today’s tactical equipment, define modularity and scalability and are custom made for you, The Next Generation Warrior ®.

With Servitude and Gratitude.

Semper Fi,
Jason Beck
Jason Beck

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