President’s Letter

My name is Jason Beck, President of TYR Tactical, LLC. First and foremost, let me thank you for visiting

Like most of you, my primary goal is the protection and well-being of my family.  Throughout my years in the tactical industry my passion has intensified to protect our fighting men and women and make sure you come home to your family and friends. My passion for your safety has mapped our product design and manufacturing philosophy by creating a more efficient, lighter weight, more dynamic and streamlines product line. No matter if it is a pouch or a full armored vest, TYR Tactical™ products are designed for efficiency and economy of movement to keep you in the fight. Just as a mag pouch should fit the mag it should also enhance the user’s ability to perform. Weight reduction, durability, accessibility and minimizing bulk are key factors that are taken into consideration for each TYR Tactical™ product.

TYR Tactical™ products are developed with direct input from our country’s most elite warriors. Direct feedback from operators about mission specific load requirements and mobility allow TYR Tactical™ to increase overall comfort, movement and performance. Special Operations training and a physiological approach are incorporated into each design. Our rigorous testing process allows us to continually evolve and provide products for today’s needs and threats keeping us in the forefront of the industry.

Also, key to our design philosophy is scalability and modularity. We believe that our kit should be adaptable to an array of different mission sets. Today’s soldier can be required to cycle through changing environments and threat levels, so should the gear. Whether scaling a plate carrier from a low profile side buckle kit up to full ballistic accessories, or having the ability to change it from a fixed carrier to a releasable version, TYR Tactical™ products are designed to meet those changing needs. With additional considerations for comfort and adjustability, our goal is to make each design feel like it was custom made for you, The Next Generation Warrior®..

Our mission is to always manufacture every TYR Tactical™ product to fit the operator for maximum comfort, safety and performance efficiency for threats both at home and abroad.

From my family to yours,

Semper Fi,
Jason Beck
Jason Beck

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