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Coming Soon ONUS™ Adapter System

The TYR Tactical™ ONUS™Adapter System is a patent pending, load distribution system that is designed to distribute the weight of your pack, without impeding range of motion.  When in use the ONUS™ distributes weight from the shoulders to the hips. This weight dissemination will allow the users to conserve energy while wearing the adapter system, elongating the time of use and minimizing overall fatigue.

Once installed, users may simply “click in” and “click out” of the ONUS™ while wearing their TYR Tactical™ Brokos Belt. Users can remove the pack by disengaging (“clicking out”) the adapter system from the Brokos Belt without ever taking the belt off.
Pack & Belt Sold Separately

• Adapter System Components
• Locking Point - Belt mounted
• Load Distribution Rail - Pack mounted
• Can be worn in conjunction with your TYR Tactical™ plate carrier
• Compatible with our complete line of Brokos Belts
• Constructed out of ABS/Poly-carbonate Alloy

Belts Compatibility:
• XFrame™ Brokos Belt
• XFrame™ Brokos Belt-S
• XFrame™ Brokos Belt-E

Frame Compatibility:
• HRN-ASP040-LC with Adapter


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