How Effective Is A Bulletproof Vest?

Superior protective equipment is crucial when performing a high-risk job. As an on-duty police officer you need to feel secure when facing threats like active shooters. That’s why you’re researching the effectiveness of a bulletproof vest and the benefits of owning one.

TYR Tactical offers exceptional plate carriers and soft body armor vests for military personnel and other high-risk professions. But how well do bulletproof vests work?

Levels of Ballistic Protection

A vest’s ability to resist contact with bullets comes down to its NIJ (National Institute of Justice) level. The ballistic level of an armor piece is rated based on a series of tests performed by the NIJ. During these tests the armor is faced with different rounds of bullets.

There are generally 5 levels of protection for body armor plates and vests. Each level tells you what type of bullet the vest you’re looking at can resist. You can use this information to determine what armor works for you and the job you’re performing.

  • level IIA
  • level II
  • level IIIA
  • level III
  • level IV

Despite the common misconception, there is no bulletproof vest level 5 or above. Most professions like security detail use basic level II vest due to convenience and low risk environment. Higher level armor is typically used for more high-risk professions like those in the military or law enforcement.

Learn more about Ballistic Shield & Plate Armor Levels and how they work.

How Tactical Bulletproof Vests Work

Ballistic vests protect their wearer by decreasing the bullet’s impact and reshaping the round. The thick layers of mesh work similarly to shock absorption technology by spreading the force throughout the fabric.

Tactical vests are usually designed with level II ballistic protection due to the lightweight, concealable design. A level II type of body armor generally offers protection from rounds like .9mm FMJs and .40 S&W.

TYR Tactical offers a Female Ultra Concealable Body Amor with removable ballistic panels that currently outperform all its competitors.

What Bulletproof Vests Are Made Of

Soft body armor is usually made with thick, durable layers of a polyethylene fabric. The layers resist penetration from the bullet and spread the impact throughout the vest, ideally causing the bullet to deform.

Through several years of development, the ability to resist projectiles with tough, woven fibers has become highly successful. We’ve moved away from low levels of protection like antique level 1 vests and can manufacture more convenient options.

We can now offer law enforcement high level protection in a concealable, lightweight vest like our Male Ultra Concealable Body Amor.

Hard Armor & Shields

most bulletproof vests only provide around a level II protection, hard armor allows more.

Our military and law enforcement can feel safe and secure with ballistic shields that can resist armor piercing rounds.

TYR Tactical Bulletproof Vests

TYR Tactical takes innovation to the next level by providing body armor that exceeds expectations. You can buy a bulletproof vest at TYR Tactical that uses NIJ Certified NFA2/10 soft armor. We offer exceptional soft armor packages like the TXP3A that offers you certified level IIIA protection with a weight of 1.23lbs.

Shop our unparalleled tactical gear and accessories for you and your department today. Before purchasing gear, check your local and state laws about who can buy body armor.