TYR Tactical® Southern Pines Grand Opening

Our Mission:
Southern Pines primary purpose is to act as a Custom Shop and “TYRORIZE” facility.  The Custom Shop will allow you to take one of the five available platforms (PICO-DA, PICO-MV, PICO-MVS, COMA001, Ultra Low Vis Plate Carrier for the Velocity ULV Plate) and customize it with already existing TYR Tactical™ pouches. “Customization” refers to hard sewing pre-existing TYR Tactical™ pouches/MOLLE to one of the 5 above platforms.  TYRORIZE \’tir-o-rise\ [adv] Meaning to modify or enhance an operator’s existing nylon or armored equipment.

Why Southern Pines?
Southern Pines is a perfect spot.  We looked elsewhere in the region, but that community was the only one that felt like a second home.  Fort Bragg is obviously a major hub for the Army, I wanted to be in a place with a great quality of life that was also positioned strategically to help our company grow. For us, Southern Pines is that place, so this move makes total sense.

Why Now?
TYR Tactical™ is a fast paced and growing company.  This move is the culmination of 2 years of planning.  Our objective is to bring the innovation, style and quality of manufacturing that every TYR Tactical™ product has to the east coast.

Can I order online and pick it up at TYR Tactical™ Southern Pines?
Yes.  TYRTactical.com will offer a “SOPO Will Call” shipping option.  A $5 handling fee will apply.  This is because items will still be manufactured in Peoria, AZ and sent in biweekly freight shipments to Southern Pines.  All online order status and expedite requests will still handled at our flagship location in Peoria, AZ.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
By Appointment Only

Contact Us: