Who Can Purchase Body Armor

TYR Tactical exists to protect military and law enforcement personnel from the dangerous situations they encounter on the job. From female plate carriers to hard body armor, we offer a range of ballistic protection to those that serve & protect. With our main goal at the forefront of our business it may sound like bulletproof vests are exclusive to the military and law enforcement fields.

Luckily for the rest of our clients, civilians can buy body armor as well. While body armor is legal for anyone to wear in public, there’s a few federal laws to follow in the United States. Here’s a few laws to keep in mind before purchasing your new TYR Tactical bulletproof vest.

Federal Laws

The federal laws surrounding the purchase and possession of body armor are pretty simple. You cannot buy or own armor if you’re a convicted felon. The exception to this rule is if an employer requires you to wear it for the job you perform.

In this case you would need a written document from your employer stating your need to wear body armor during work. This certification would allow you to only wear the equipment for that specific purpose, and you would not be able to wear it outside of the job you’re performing.

The federal laws that block convicted felons from possessing body armor also apply to those purchasing or providing such equipment for them. It is illegal to sell or deliver body armor to a person guilty of a felony.

Federal body armor laws also prevent a person from shipping bulletproof vests and similar equipment overseas.

TYR Tactical requires an affidavit specifically stating that you do not have any felony convictions, you are aware of federal and state laws, and you do not intend to commit a crime in our products.

State Laws

Most states follow the federal laws with few additions. One of the most common additions you’ll see across the nation is that a person wearing body armor while committing a crime will face additional charges during sentencing.

In many states body armor can be purchased online or face to face, but there are a few states that have heavier regulations:


This is the only state that does not allow online purchases or body armor to be shipped. Sales and purchases must be completed face to face. Not completing a face-to-face transaction is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by law.

There are a few exceptions to this law that include departments of law enforcement and military personnel. Authorized officials that order body armor equipment for these departments are also exempt.


Maryland allows convicted felons to purchase and possess body armor under strict conditions. You must file a petition for a permit that shows good cause for you to purchase and possess body armor. This permit is awarded by the Secretary of Maryland State Police.

New York

Under the recently signed bill, S9407B, you cannot possess “bullet-resistant soft body armor” unless you are a part of law enforcement, the military, or another field that is specifically noted by the department of state.

Whether it be level IV, level IIIA, soft armor, or any other kind of bulletproof vest, you may only purchase body armor if you are employed and performing a job for the field stated above. Purchases of armor must be face to face and cannot be completed online.

TYR Tactical Equipment

All the equipment developed at TYR Tactical is built with our law enforcement and military members in mind. We do our best to provide quality gear to those that have sworn to serve and protect our community and nation. With that said it is perfectly legal for citizens to purchase body armor on a federal level.

Before purchasing our equipment from the online shop, make sure you understand both the federal and state laws that apply to you.