What is the Patented Integrated Ballistic Framework?

Our Plates Carriers and Tactical Vests feature the patented Integrated Ballistic Framework which increases overall structural integrity, ballistic protection, decreases side-spall and reduces back face deformation.  The five piece design includes a panel suspension and energy disbursement frame.

Spacer Mesh:

The body facing material of our plate carriers utilize advanced antimicrobial spacer mesh which is IR/FR treated.  The ventilation system incorporates a raised padding system which works with the ballistic vein for energy dispersion. It also wicks away excess moisture and provides air flow channels to better manage heat stress, increase recovery after use and allows the vest to return to its normal state after each use.

Patented Ballistic Vein®:

The design includes a patented panel suspension and energy disbursement frame know as the Ballistic Vein®. It provides a platform that retains the external carrier in the proper configuration eliminating sagging of the carrier. Additionally, it holds the soft armor panels in the proper configuration, prevents bunching, supports the plates to improve edge hit protection.

Soft Armor:

Helps absorb the impact from firearm projectiles and fragmentation.  Please note that soft armor is sold separately in some cases.

Hard Plate:

Provides additional protection from rifle rounds. Plates are sold separately.

Patented PV®:

Channeling a warrior-like mindset and implementing a holistic design approach, we’ve created a hybrid material called PV® “Pluma Vires®”. By manufactured design, our entire line of pouches and vests weigh at least 20% less than comparable products available in today’s market. In independent testing, products made with PV® were shown to be 7-10 times more abrasion resistant than any material used by competitors.  Our PV® material is a laminate of 500-denier Cordura® nylon and 200-denier Kevlar® in an ultra-tight weave to maximize abrasion and tear resistance. We use this fabric in high-wear areas such as the corners and edges of plate carrier, pouches, and other exposed components. Also, Multi Cam PV® has the added benefit of being FR treated.  PV® material provides more than 7-10 times the strength of Cordura® nylon, allowing us to reduce weight while at the same time improving the performance of the finished product. It offers an important structural benefit for load carriage by reducing system weight, minimizing stretch and sag, and improving durability.