Tactical Gear Designed to Protect You In The Field

TYR Tactical provides a wide selection of Plate Carriers and Vests.  These products have become essential gear for those serving in the military and law enforcement.

Plate carriers, as the name implies, are designed to carry armor plates that serve as protection against bullets and blasts. They are design to protect vital organs but also carry essential equipment like a traditional tactical vest.

Most plate carriers come equipped with MOLLE attachment points for additional accessories and gear.  Attachment items often include guns, knives, flashlights, tasers, first aid kits, magazines and more.

Plate carriers are designed to be worn as a vest but there are concealable options as well, depending on your needs. They are designed to be extremely durable based on the nature of their use. Ultimately, the size and style you choose is dependent on the situation it will be used in.

The plates themselves are typically steel, polyethylene, ceramic or possibly a blend of these.  Depending on how they are made, plates provide different levels of protection.  The advantage of plate carriers is that you can scale your level or protection simply by switching out armor plate depending on what you need.

TYR Tactical is a leader in providing protective gear for law enforcement, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.  If you have questions about what tactical gear is right for you, please feel free to contact us.