Our line of pouches is designed to serve a variety of purposes and situations.  Here are a few options we offer:

General Purpose Pouch – As the name implies, these pouches are meant for general use and random gear

Mag Pouches – There are designed to hold mags and ammo and come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Medical Pouches – Often called IFAK’s (Individual First Aid Kits), these pouches hold critical tools and supplies in case of emergencies, trauma, or basic first aid.

Radio Pouches – Designed to make sure your combat radio stays close by for when you need to communicate.

Breaching Ordnance Pouches – Practical pouches to help store grenades and flashbangs for easy access when needed.

Administration Pouches – Store your admin documents and accessories safely and securely with our admin pouches.

TYR Tactical is dedicated to providing innovative tactical gear to meet your needs. Shop online or download our digital catalog here.