TYR Tactical® 24″x36″ Rapid Response MT3+ Ballistic Shield, Non-Viewport, Black



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• Forearm pad
• Carry bag
• Fixed shield handle
• Patented Ballistic Ridge®

The TYR Tactical® 24”x36” MT3 Plus Rapid Response Ballistic Shield is built to work as a stand-alone Level III Plus shield

Additional information

Weight 42.1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 5 in


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Weight: 42.1 lbs.
Dimension: 24” x 36”
Testing Standard: NIJ 0101.06
Protection Level: Level III Plus Special Threats
Configuration: Stand Alone
Plate Thickness: 1.10 in. / 27.94 mm
Buoyancy: N/A
Curvature: Single Curve
Materials: UHMWPE
Cover: Black Polyurea
Threats: 5.56 x 45-mm, 55-grain M193 Ball
7.62 x 39-mm, 123-grain PS Ball
7.62 x 51-mm, 149-grain M80 FMJ
7.62 x 54R-mm, 148-grain LPS
5.56 x 45 -mm, 62-grain M855 Green Tip