What is PV® or FR?

Channeling a warrior-like mindset and implementing a holistic design approach, we’ve created a hybrid material called PV® “Pluma Vires®”. By manufactured design, our entire line of pouches and vests weigh at least 20% less than comparable products available in today’s market. In independent testing, products made with PV® were shown to be 7-10 times more abrasion resistant than any material used by competitors.

Improved Wear Resistance
Our PV® material is a laminate of 500-denier Cordura® nylon and 200-denier Kevlar® in an ultra-tight weave to maximize abrasion and tear resistance. We use this fabric in high-wear areas such as the corners and edges of plate carrier, pouches, and other exposed components. Also, Multi Cam PV® has the added benefit of being FR treated.

High Strength
PV® material provides more than 7-10 times the strength of Cordura® nylon, allowing us to reduce weight while at the same time improving the performance of the finished product. It offers an important structural benefit for load carriage by reducing system weight, minimizing stretch and sag, and improving durability.

In a very short time TYR Tactical® has created a buzz among tactical equipment manufacturers with the innovation inherent in their products. More importantly, they’ve created a product line for the Next Generation Warrior® featuring the latest technologies in combat gear and body armor.  In 2012 we were honored with the DuPont™ Kevlar® protection award for its PV® Nylon. TYR Tactical® PV® Nylon demonstrates how scientific innovation can yield incredible hybrid materials that address market challenges. By incorporating DuPont™ Kevlar® to provide increased strength and ballistic resistance at a lighter weight, TYR Tactical® decreased the amount of nylon needed in a protection system, in turn reducing the weight of protection systems overall and increasing the life cycle of each product. This provides the market with a much needed solution for longer wearing, more resistant and lighter-weight armor.