What is unique about your tactical equipment?

Wholesale Active Gear

Our tactical equipment is the product of a great deal of research and development conducted with the intention of creating tactical gear that performs better when the chips are down. TYR Tactical is proud to offer tactical backpacks, pouches and bags, ballistic vests, plate carriers and much more that are lighter, more durable and more functional than their predecessors. Our goal as a tactical equipment manufacturer is to do nothing less than revolutionize our chosen industry. As a manufacturer of wholesale active gear we believe our fighting men and women deserve the best, and have set out to provide them with tactical vests and more that fit the bill.

TYR Tactical has assembled the industry’s brightest minds to create a line that sets a new standard in tactical equipment. Our line of military gear features:

  • Products made from patented hybrid material called Pluma Vires (PV®)
  • 20% more lightweight gear
  • Products that are 7-10 times more abrasion resistant
  • Products that allows soldiers to be faster, stronger and more agile than standard equipment

Peruse our website to learn more about our products, their unique benefits and how they better serve the modern-day soldier.

Shop the many product categories on our website to learn specifics about the tactical backpacks, tactical vests, tactical pouches and more that we offer. We’re committed to keeping our state-of-the-art equipment affordable as well, and look forward to showing you the latest technologies in tactical gear and body armor. We’ll continue to administer our warrior-like mindset and holistic design approach to create products that break the mold.

TYR Tactical will continue its commitment to research, development and innovation in creating equipment that honors and protects the soldiers that use it. Take the time to learn more about the unique aspects of our gear and the many equipment and product choices available to you.