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Tactical Gear

Ballistic Vests, Plate Carriers, Military Gear, Backpacks & Bags

TYR Tactical creates tactical gear with a commitment to the men and women who defend our country firmly in mind. The functionality and durability at the core of our tactical equipment has sparked a revolution in our industry, and made us a leader in the field of tactical gear manufacturers. You'll be excited at the unparalleled designs we've brought to the field of military equipment, and at the incredible enhanced performance of the equipment you'll bring into the field. Our gear reduces weight, minimizes bulk and increases durability, keeping soldiers well-protected as they carry out their duties. Welcome to our website, and to a new age of military gear.

Our state-of-the-art Arizona-based facility is home to an elite team of designers, scientists and sewing professionals who've created a state-of-the-art product line that includes:

  • Ballistic Vests
  • Plate Carriers
  • Military Backpacks
  • Military Bags
  • Military Pouches
  • Assault Gear
  • Body Armor
  • Medical and Humanitarian Kits
  • Sniper/Reconnaissance

TYR Tactical has developed a game-changing new hybrid material called PV® Nylon, which weighs at least 20 percent less than comparable products in the market and offers 7-10 times the abrasion strength. Our tactical gear allows soldiers to be faster, stronger and more agile in doing the important work they do.

Our goal as a tactical equipment manufacturer is to deliver the future in terms of the equipment and gear our fighting men and women depend on. Weight reduction, distribution of load and thermal load reduction are the key flashpoints in our cutting-edge technology, and we feel safe in saying that the performance of our gear sets a new standard for others in the market to emulate.

TYR Tactical is proud to serve the military men and women of this country, and is committed to finding new technologies and innovations in order to deliver for the Next Generation Warrior™.