TYR Groundbreaking PV® Nylon Redefines The Performance Of Tactical Gear.

It is one thing for a new company to set out to revolutionize their industry via the products they offer, and another thing entirely to do it. TYR Tactical set out to do just that in the tactical and military gear industry, where the stakes are high and lives literally depend on the products that are created. Channeling a warrior-like mindset and a holistic design approach, the elite team of scientists, designers and sewing professionals at this upstart tactical gear manufacturer created a hybrid material known as PV®. Short for “Pluma Vires,” this revolutionary hybrid reinforced TYR Tactical’s commitment to today’s fighting men and women and changed the tactical gear industry forever.

PV® Nylon is revolutionary in that it provides TYR Tactical’s gear with significant weight reduction while still providing the durability for improved performance. Innovation is the name of the game at TYR Tactical, and this revolutionary material is at the heart of the tactical gear they provide for the Next Generation Warrior™:

  • PV® Nylon is a laminate of 500 denier Cordura® and 20 denier Kevlar® Correctional™
  • Weighs at least 20 percent less than comparable products available in today’s market
  • 7-10 times the abrasion strength of standard Mil-Spec Cordura Nylon
  • Minimal stretch and sag
  • Improved cut, tear, puncture and wear resistance

No matter the type of military gear you’re looking for you are certain to find exciting options at TYR Tactical. State-of-the-art technology and inspiring innovation are at the heart of everything they do. Furthermore, the military clothing and gear is truly like no other gear in that the materials they are created from were created by the company itself.

In a very short time TYR Tactical has become one of the most respected tactical equipment manufacturers in the industry. Their commitment to America’s fighting men and women is unwavering, and is evident in their continued commitment to innovation and moving the industry forward. They know that the military equipment these brave men and women depend on has to be beyond dependable, and the functionality and durability of the tactical gear they offer sets a revolutionary new standard.