TYR Tactical Signs Historic, Massive, Multiyear Agreement with Denmark’s Ministry of Defense

PEORIA, Ariz. – On Monday, April 25, Jason Beck, Founder and CEO of TYR Tactical and the Danish Ministry of Defense (DALO) signed a historic contract worth $200,000,000.00 ($200M). The contract will provide each soldier in the Danish military the most state-of-the-art body armor system in existence.

This agreement will have an impact of more than 100 advanced manufacturing jobs for TYR Tactical, which is headquartered in the City of Peoria. This allows for higher economic growth and greater employment opportunities in the west valley spanning the next decade.

“We have spent decades building strong relationships locally, nationally, and ones that span the globe.  We have had the honor to serve the Danish Military for over 10 years with our life saving products and been extremely proud of how we have designed and manufactured the best in the world.  Our Danish friends have been incredible partners in innovation, working with us to protect those who protect us.  Their commitment to providing the world’s best protection for their military personnel is incredible.  With this historic signing, we are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with the Danish military, and our friendship with the Danish people.  Today is a day of celebration that we share with our friends from Denmark, the entire TYR family, and our incredible employees whose commitment to 100% quality control results in saving lives,” said Jason Beck, CEO.

One hundred percent of the tactical gear that Denmark will receive will be manufactured in Peoria, Arizona.  The body armor will be feature-rich and full coverage designed both for the male and female anatomy. Extensive testing that has taken place over the years has been applied to the design of armor and carriers that will be used to outfit the Danish military.



At TYR Tactical®, we set out to revolutionize tactical equipment for the Next Generation Warrior®. All three of our brands, which include TYR Tactical®, Huron™ and Revere K9®, undergo extensive field testing, utilize state-of-the-art textiles and are purpose-built with your comfort in mind.

As an industry leader in the United States, Canada and Denmark, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of product quality and integrity.