Do you offer both general purpose and military packs?

Tactical Military Equipment Manufacturer

Huron™ Tactical Equipment and Clothing is proud to count a number of general purpose and travel military bags among the military equipment and tactical gear it offers. You’ll find nothing but state-of-the-art, standard-setting military bags, packs and clothing. Though we’ve been around a relatively short time we’ve created quite a reputation as a boundary-pushing tactical equipment manufacturer. Our goal is always to create equipment that makes it easier for hard-working soldiers to do their job. No line of gear is more dependable, more comfortable or more functional.

At Huron™ Tactical Equipment and Clothing we want to be your tactical gear manufacturer. Our groundbreaking line of military gear includes the following general purpose and travel bags.

    • Lightweight Assault Packs
    • Assaulters Sustainment Packs
    • Escape and Evasion Bag E&E
    • Vehicle Storage Bags
    • Rifle & Pistol Bags
    • MICO “Quiver of Death”
    • Travelers & General Purpose Bags
    • Equipment & Clothing Fit for Wherever the Fight Takes You

Coming Soon 2015

Take a closer look at our military bags and discover the options that work best for you.

As a well-respected tactical equipment manufacturer TYR Tactical™ knows that the military equipment our fighting men and women depend on has to be beyond dependable. We’ll never be satisfied with the products that we create in that we’ll always be looking for the newest technologies and the most effective paths to innovation. We’re humbled by the position we find ourselves in, and honored at the faith the best and brightest this country has to offer put in our products.

We hope you’ll spend some time on our website and learn about the many great tactical gear options we have to choose from at TYR Tactical™. When yo