Will I be able to find medical and humanitarian kits in your line of military equipment?

Tactical & Assault Gear Manufacturer

We leave no stone unturned in our line of military equipment, and strive to be the most diverse and innovative tactical gear manufacturer in the market today. In addition to military gear such as plate carriers, ballistic vests, military backpacks, assault gear, body armor, military bags and BDU’s, we also offer Medical and Humanitarian Kits. These kits provide a great deal of performance in small packages, and can play a vital role in the well-being of soldiers on the battlefield. Take a moment to consider the various items in our Medical and Humanitarian Kits subcategory as well as all of the other revolutionary products to be found at TYR Tactical.

Those interested in Medical and Humanitarian Kits will find a number of excellent and affordable options at TYR Tactical.  These include:

  • Intermediate Lower Back Medical Pouch
  • Medical Roll UP Litter
  • Small IFAK Medical Pouch, Cutaway
  • Medium IFAK Medical Pouch, Cutaway

Each of these items is lightweight, incredibly durable and built for performance when you need it most. Just another great military equipment option from the industry’s most innovative tactical gear manufacturer, TYR Tactical.

TYR Tactical continues to strive to find new ways to advance the performance of our military men and women. No matter the type of military gear you’re looking for you are certain to find exciting options here featuring state-of-the-art technology and inspiring innovation. Items as important as ballistic vests, military backpacks and the like must work their best at all times, and our equipment takes the concept of performance to another level entirely.

With unparalleled designs never before seen in our industry, we continue to redefine what military gear can be and the performance it can offer. Discover the many great options available to you and learn more about the innovation behind our products on the TYR Tactical website.