Does TYR Tactical® offer options for ballistic vests?

Tactical, Bulletproof, and Armored Vests and Plate Carriers

TYR Tactical offers a number of options for those looking for state-of-the-art ballistic vests. We’ve made tactical vests a priority item in our line of tactical gear. Our bulletproof vests are ultra lightweight and feature ultra thin plate carriers, providing unprecedented comfort for soldiers in the field. Our product line has sparked a revolution in the field of military clothing and tactical gear. The passion we have for what we do and for the soldiers that use our equipment is what spurs on our commitment to innovation. Learn more about our armored vests and the many options available to you, and discover products that represent the optimum in performance and comfort.

Our military vests include:

  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Shoulder pads
  • Top loading plate pockets
  • TYR’s PV® Hybrid Material, which is 7 – 10 times more abrasive resistant than standard Mil Spec 500d nylon
  • Body-side spacer mesh with raised pad system for breathability and enhanced comfort
  • TYR’s Ballistic Vein™ holds soft armor in place and enhances its performance while creating better structure for the carrier itself
  • TYR-VEN-SYS-T34 (T-34 Armor Package [IOTV Specifications, 9mm and Frag], Wt. 1.05 AD)
  • Also available with SPEAR Specs:
    • TYR-VEN-SYS-T4416 T-4416 Armor Package (SPEAR Specifications, 9mm and Frag), Wt. 1.05 AD)


A dependable and functional BDU vest is vital equipment for a soldier in a battle zone, and we’ve created our ballistic vests and plate carriers to be the safest, most lightweight and durable models on the market.

Are you satisfied with your Army vest, or are you looking for a tactical vest of a higher quality? Our goal is to advance the already stellar performance of the men and women serving our country by making the gear they use in the field the very definition of state-of-the-art. All of our bulletproof vests feature technological advances and patented materials created to optimize performance. Make an armored vest from TYR Tactical a staple of your military gear.