How does your Research and Development process differ from other tactical gear manufacturers?

Military Vests, Backpacks, & Gear

We take our work as a tactical gear manufacturer seriously, and have assembled an elite team of scientists, designers and sewing professionals in order to create truly revolutionary military gear. Working together our team has created a hybrid material called PV® that makes our products more lightweight and durable. The end result has been an award-winning product line that sets a new standard in terms of safety, functionality and performance. At TYR Tactical we’re never satisfied, and our team remains committed to creating and designing new and exciting products. This restlessness and commitment is what makes us the industry’s leading tactical equipment manufacturer.

Look to TYR Tactical for products that allow our hard working men and women in uniform to function at an even higher level. Our product line includes:

  • Military vests
  • Plate carriers
  • Military backpacks
  • Assault gear
  • Body armor
  • Armor accessories
  • COMA systems and accessories
  • Weapons accessories
  • Tactical pouches

We provide many options for the Next Generation Warrior™ and invite you to learn more about our state-of-the-art products today.

Our commitment to bringing in the best minds in the creation of our product line speaks to the level of excellence we aspire to as a tactical gear manufacturer. The equipment used in the field by our military personnel must perform admirably in every circumstance. Furthermore it must be functional and durable enough to help our soldiers perform their duties to the best of their ability. Military gear from TYR Tactical sets a standard for performance and always will.

Though we are a relatively new tactical equipment manufacturer, there is no shortchanging the very real effect we’ve had on our industry and the military gear it produces. Our elite team of scientists, designers and sewing professionals remain committed to the ideals that led to the creation of TYR Tactical and the revolutionary products we offer.