Product Development & Mission Adaptable Gear

To create Mission-Adaptable Gear, we spend a tremendous amount of time and money on R&D – making sure that the feel, comfort and ergonomics of our products is right for you. These R&D efforts take us across the country to Force Modernization offices and range meetings with SOF units who give us their input on what they really need. Toward this end, we put together our Combat Development Trailer [CDT] loaded with sewing machines, materials and equipment that allows us to create new products on the spot with input from the field.

What is mission adaptable gear?

Body Armor, Ballistic Full Tactical Entry Vests, Plate Carriers, Load Carriage Equipment, Belts, Assault Gear

We know how vital state-of-the-art tactical gear is to today’s soldier, and have set about revolutionizing tactical equipment and the performance it provides. To that end we offer a diverse inventory of tactical supplies to serve every need of the men and women serving our country. We take our work as a tactical manufacturer seriously, implementing a holistic design approach to make our ballistic vests, plate carriers, etc. the type of gear that can help to advance the performance of those in uniform. We’ve assembled an elite team in order to facilitate the advancements that make our equipment so unique and battlefield ready.

As your provider for the very best in tactical gear we’re pleased to provide a number of equipment options that include:

  • Body Armor and Protective Equipment
  • Ballistic Plate Carriers
  • Load Carriage Equipment
  • Sniper/reconnaissance
  • Assault gear
  • Medical and humanitarian kits
  • Tactical pouches
  • Tactical belts