What sets your plate carriers apart from others on the market?

Ballistic, Military & Armored Vests

Our plate carriers are lightweight and ultra-thin, and set a new standard for functionality and performance just as we continue to set a new standard for tactical equipment manufacturers. We are a leading provider of ballistic vests, assault gear, body armor and other military equipment. Spend some time on our website getting to know more about our plate carriers, military vests, and learn more about the innovative technology we have incorporated into our gear that makes us such a well-respected tactical gear manufacturer. TYR Tactical® is here to help the Next Generation Warrior® through the products we produce.

TYR Tactical®‘s inventory of state-of-the-art products includes:

  • Basic Plate Carrier (BPC)
  • General Plate Carrier (GPC)
  • PICO Assault Plate Carrier
  • Lightweight Plate Carrier (LWPC®)
  • EPIC™ Male & Female Enhanced Assault Plate Carriers
  • EPIC™ Concealable Carriers
  • PICO-DS Assault Plate Carrier
  • PICO-MVW Assault Plate Carrier

We are committed to being the very best tactical equipment manufacturer we can be. It is an honor to provide products that military men and women can count on for dependability and performance.

Our goal is to continue to bring you the latest technologies in combat gear and body armor. TYR Tactical® is passionate about the work we do, and excited about the advances we’ve made in assault gear and body armor. The ability to make a difference in the work our soldiers do feels great, and our plate carriers are further evidence of the quality of work we do.

Incorporating the latest technologies in military gear is not a pre-cursor to higher prices. We strive to make all of our tactical equipment as affordable as possible. The gear you need at prices you can afford is waiting for you at TYR Tactical®.