What types of assault gear do you offer?

Military & Tactical Gear Manufacturer

Our military gear includes a number of subcategories of assault gear for you to choose from. As a tactical equipment manufacturer we strive to provide a wide range of gear for our clientele, including ballistic vests, military backpacks, military bags, plate carriers, body armor and more. We think you’ll be excited about what you find in our line of military clothing and tactical gear, as we work hard to incorporate the very latest in technology into the equipment we offer. TYR Tactical has been around a relatively short time, but in that time we’ve made a splash in the industry by upping the standard for military equipment in terms of comfort, functionality and durability.

TYR Tactical invites you to learn more about our many subcategories of assault gear including:

  • Ammunitions pouches
  • Armor and load carriages
  • GP pouches
  • Hydration, Admin and SSE
  • Medical, Communications and Navigation
  • Ordinance, Breaching and Lighting

We’re committed to helping soldiers advance their performance to an even higher level through tactical gear that performs better on every level. Learn more about the military gear we offer today.

Every aspect of the tactical equipment today’s soldier needs is addressed at TYR Tactical. From ballistic vests to military backpacks and everything in between we strive for innovation as we attempt to redefine what a tactical equipment manufacturer can accomplish on behalf of the troops. We’re honored by those who have put their trust in us and our products.

The assault style gear we offer is state-of-the-art in every way. As you search our inventory you’ll become aware of the fact that we not only strive to bring our fighting men and women revolutionary new choices in terms of equipment, we also make that equipment as affordable as can be. Let TYR Tactical be your guide to the most effective gear on the market today.