TYR Tactical® Awarded Down Selection for SPD 8

Peoria, AZ, October 10, 2010 – TYR Tactical™, a newly formed company in Peoria, Arizona, has created an industry buzz with their down selection for SPD 8. Utilizing new materials and innovative designs, the product line boasts enhanced mobility and allows for increased lethality in combat environments.

Discussing his new venture, company President Jason Beck, said, “When we started TYR Tactical™, our goal was to revolutionize tactical equipment for the Next Generation Warrior™. To that end, we assembled an elite team of designers and sewing professionals with the mandate to create materials and design products that would add to a soldier’s comfort while increasing ballistic performance.”

According to Beck, the first innovation they came up with was their patent-pending, hybrid material called PV™ Nylon.

PV™ Nylon – a laminate of 500 denier Cordura® and 200 denier Kevlar® Correctional™ – provides 7 to 10 times the abrasion resistance of regular 500 denier Cordura®. By using PV™ Nylon in critical wear areas, there is significant weight reduction while still providing increased performance. The material has significant structural benefits for load carriage, including: reduced system weight, minimal stretch and sag, and improved cut, tear, puncture and wear resistance.

“The creation of PV™ Nylon,” explains Beck, “was instrumental in the design of our MST System. The MST is a Modular, Scalable and Tailorable armor system that uses the same soft armor panels in all its configurations. The soft armor front and rear panels are the key components of the MST System. Using a building block approach, a soldier can quickly add additional components to increase armor coverage area and protection levels according to mission requirements or threat environments. The three primary MST configurations are 1) Concealable Body Armor (CBA), 2) Plate Carrier, and 3) Tactical.”

The CBA configuration is the base layer of the MST System. It is a soft armor vest that provides IOTV performance in a low profile armor system. The base layer is easily concealable under an ACU shirt.

The CBA vest expands into the Plate Carrier configuration by removing the CBA soft armor panels and inserting them into the plate carrier. Consisting of ESAPI/ESBI plates and soft armor panels, the plate carrier is worn externally and provides assault rifle protection without interfering with the soldier’s mobility. It features an ambidextrous quick release for rapid removal in emergencies.

The MST Tactical is the high-threat, maximum coverage, armor configuration. It expands the CBA vest and Plate Carrier into an outer tactical vest by adding ESAPI and ESBI plates and providing extremity protection for the shoulders/biceps, sides, lower torso, groin, collar, throat and yoke for “full up” 360° protection.

Beck says that using PV™ Nylon in critical wear areas of their MST System as well as all their nylon offerings reduces the weight of each item by 25% over products currently available.

“In the coming month and years,” states Beck, “our job will be to continue to do everything we can to make the strongest, lightest, and most intuitive equipment we can to insure the safety, comfort, and maximum performance of our military forces in harm’s way.”