TOP 5 Plate Carriers of 2019….. So Far


When we designed the TYR Tactical® PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier (TYR-PICO) we wanted to incorporate all the ergonomic attributes that are needed for a true fighter’s vest.  To achieve this, we needed to create a rugged platform that provides an extremely lightweight and ultra thin carrier while at the same time giving the wearer unprecedented comfort. The PICO is the end result.

The TYR Tactical® PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier (TYR-PICO-DS) is a lightweight and configurable system. It acts as a scalable foundation which the operator can configure based on mission requirements.

The TYR Tactical® PICO-MV Assaulters Plate Carrier (TYR-PICO-MV) was designed to fit Ballistic Plates .25” – 1” thick. The addition of tourniquet mounting grommets and a removable Assaulter Zip-on Back Panel makes this a state-of-the-art body armor system that has a multi-platform modular design. This allows the operator to change and adapt to mission sets with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The PICO-MV offers a wide range of operational configurations and allows the user to scale up or down depending on the environment, threat and load requirement.

The TYR Tactical® Male EPIC™ Concealable Carrier (TYR-M-ECCT) is constructed using 4-way stretch Tweave which provides freedom of movement while maintaining an ultra-concealable profile.  Additionally, Tweave is treated with a DWR coating which sheds excess moisture and decreases dry time when the carrier is worn under clothing.

The TYR Tactical® Male Enhanced PICO Integrated Carrier – EPIC™ (TYR-M-EPIC) is a lightweight, 4-wire cutaway system.


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